Stories Dying to get OUT

I am not one that struggles with what to write. I am one who struggles with what to write next. I have so many cool ideas that would make great stories, and it’s hard for me to just write down the idea and move on with what I’m doing. I feel like I have to get them out!

I have two picture books done and two needing revision as I type this. I have over 15 stories in my brain waiting to get out! There’s not enough time in the day! I fall asleep writing them in my mind. Am I insane? Maybe.

I’ve never been one that lacked ideas. It drove me nuts when I was teaching. I would be in the middle of explaining a lesson and 3 other ideas would pop into my head as I was teaching. My teacher team would come into my room and see all these awesome projects going and they’d say, “That wasn’t in the plans.” I’d explain it just came to me. At first they thought I was keeping things from them but soon they realized that’s just how I work. The kids in my class were always engaged because I kept coming up with new exciting ways to learn. Sometimes, I’d put the ideas in centers to do in their free time.

Everyone advised me to start a notebook where I write down ideas for books. Currently, I have 15 ideas for picture books and 1 great idea for a young chapter book. I only started this journey in September (one month ago).

I don’t know when you get an agent and a publisher, if you do the writing and send it off for editing and then start the next one. I need to find the answer to that because that would be GREAT! I could get these stories out!

I enjoy writing this blog because I can just “talk” and not worry as much about the revision or choosing the perfect words. So, that’s a warning if you’re looking for a polished blog. This is just me thinking out loud.

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Becky Walker is a girl with a dream to become a published children's author. Becky is a former elementary teacher with a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.

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