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Do you ever get where you can’t focus on writing? Well, I’m right there with ya today. I had every intention to query a few more agents today, but then I noticed the laundry, not the laundry in the hamper but the laundry that I’ve washed and haven’t folded. I do that. Guilty. I dumped it out of the basket and as I do more often than I’d like to admit realize the clothes are much too wrinkled to hang them up now. So, here we go again.

Next, the bed needed remaking. I HATE this chore because we have one of those “vibrating beds.” Not that kind, I’m not THAT distracted. It’s the kind of bed that adjusts up and down and the mattress is heavy and deep. Anyway, it needed to be done so I did that.

Made a ham sandwich for lunch and just as I was slicing that puppy diagonally as it should be done and that is not debatable, the phone rang…MOM. Now, a mom phone call is not a normal phone call. My mom had her bluetooth earpiece in which means we are in for a doozy. She was doing her ironing so she was in for the long haul.

We discussed it all….LIE. We discussed everything that we could without mentioning the current state of the union. It’s so hard. I mean everything in life is affected by this election and this pandemic so I pretended it wasn’t happening in my world so we will be able to enjoy the holidays. If you have any FOX News junkies in your life, then you understand. If you are a FOX News viewer then know that there are people in your orbit that don’t engage with you on certain topics. (There will be more on this topic because I have to rage somewhere but today is not the day because I have other stuff to distract me. Lucky you.)

Currently, there is a hurricane headed in this general direction, the Michigan Governor was almost kidnapped, Jake Tapper announced that this winter will be the darkest winter in the history of ever, and the Speaker of the House just mentioned the 25th amendment. In other words, it’s Thursday. Things have gone off the tracks to put it mildly.

Will I get back on track today? Highly doubtful. Maybe after I go for a walk. Don’t laugh, sometimes that works. Oh for the love, there goes the dryer beeper…what are the odds on whether this load actually gets put away?

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