Pudding and Pumpkin

It’s an excellent day for an adventure at the beach! Pudding and Pumpkin, two guinea pig friends, do everything together, but Pudding refuses to go because he has difficulty walking in the sand. Pumpkin can’t stand the thought of going without his best friend, so he comes up with a brilliant plan for Pudding to squeeze into his exercise ball, which will keep the sand off him. The two friends get comfortable on the beach, Pumpkin on his towel reading and Pudding in his ball watching the kids play in the surf when a curious crab pinches his claws at the ball, causing the ball to roll into the ocean. The waves carry Pudding out to sea, where he sees two frightening fish below him flashing their sharp teeth and plotting how to have Pumpkin for lunch! Suddenly, Pudding is tossed in the air by a friendly dolphin. Pumpkin, franticly watching his best friend hurling into the air like a rocket ship, decides he will rescue his pal.  At that moment, the friendly dolphin saves the day with a flick of his nose. Pudding soars through the air and lands safely on the soft sand. Pudding is so thankful for the sand; he rolls around on the beach, burying himself in it. As the two guinea pig friends lay on the beach for the rest of the day, they can’t help but wonder where their next adventure might be. 

Hoping to be able to pitch this as a series. Think of all the adventures these two adorable characters could go on like Pudding and Pumpkin Go Trick or Treating or Pudding and Pumpkin Hit New York City. The sky’s the limit!

Published by Becky Walker Books

Becky Walker is a girl with a dream to become a published children's author. Becky is a former elementary teacher with a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.

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