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One of my goals for 2023 is to start a feature called TAKE 5, where I interview authors with quick questions about their books, writing process, and tips. It’s a win/win situation. They get free publicity for their book with the almost 7,000 followers I have on socials, and I gain subscribers to this website and, most importantly, WISDOM!! (Let me know if you know anyone or if you would like to participate!)

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I’ve been talking to experienced authors with multiple books, and they advised me to:

  1. Update my website-done!
  2. Grow my email list now as I wait on a book deal.
  3. Bring people to my website-I hope my authors’ blog with help with that.
  4. Connect to the writing community-I feel like I’ve got a good start on that one.
  5. Talk to authors and get helpful tips on things they wished they had known earlier.
  6. Google, watch YouTube videos and ask authors what worked best for them in marketing their books.
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Next, I want to start linking my Instagram picture books with fun worksheets or lessons teachers can use to expand on the picture book that covers some core curriculum elements required in reading and language arts.

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Finally, I want to start writing reviews for authors to help promote their books on Goodreads and Amazon. If I like a book, I want to tell the world!

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Now that these goals are written in a blog, I must do them…right? I will. I’m on it. Watch this space…

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