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Introducing My New Feature: Take 5

I am excited to introduce my new blog feature, TAKE 5, where picture book authors answer five questions about their books/lives and advise on all sorts of matters, from publishing to what places everyone should visit. You might be surprised by some of your author friends’ answers!

As a bonus, I will offer an activity handout that can be done after reading the book. You must be signed up for my website to get the downloadable handout.

If you are an author of a picture book and would like to be featured, I’d love to have you! You can get free publicity and have a lot of fun answering quirky questions! The five questions are short and simple, and I’ll feature a picture of your book and you! If interested, contact me in the comments below, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or by email at

So get signed up for my blog because you don’t want to miss the first author!

Thank you for sharing!

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