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Becky Walker

Becky Walker is an aspiring author of children’s picture books. She taught elementary school for most of her life in Texas. Becky started her career as a counselor traveling to West Texas high schools, assisting students with college applications and financial aid.

Soon she realized that her passion was for younger children, so she earned her elementary teaching certificate and a Master in Curriculum and Instruction.

Becky taught elementary students for 13 years in public education and 2 years in private education.

Becky has been married to Todd since 1988, and they have two grown sons, Tyler and Tanner, who were named after two of “Mrs. Walker’s” favorite students.

Currently, Becky lives outside Houston, TX, where she enjoys good wine, traveling, and live concerts. With those things put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic, minus the wine, she takes advantage of the writing time.

Becky Walker’s Family
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