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“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.” -Beatrix Potter


Some of my fondest memories in life involve books. As a young child, my mom took all three kids to the library every week. She let us get a stack of picture books with our own library cards and we got lost in those books for days. I remember vividly the first time she let me check out a chapter book. I was over the moon.

Every night after bath time, we piled on one bed while my mom let us pick one book for her to read aloud. We were read three books a night for as long as I can remember.

When I visited my grandmother, she took us to a used bookstore and we loaded up on chapter books because we could get 5 books for a $1.00. I STILL have those books. Beverly Cleary books were my favorite.

Teaching language arts to my second graders was my favorite time of the day. My reading center had a tiki umbrella with beach chairs decorated in ocean decor and tons of books. The kids called it “THE BEACH” and it was everyone’s favorite place to spend time.

Teaching reading was “my thing”. The students loved their book clubs and I’ll go into detail about that in a future blog.

When the librarian saw me coming, she got the cart ready because I filled my classroom with non-fiction trade books, books from a spotlight author in my “Author’s Corner” display, books for important holidays or events, and I filled each child’s “Bag a Books” that went home with them every week so they had books on their reading level at home to read to the parents.

Now, I want to create those books and that’s why I’m here. Follow me on my journey to becoming a children’s author.

Meet the author

Becky Walker is an aspiring children’s picture book author after a career in elementary education. Becky Walker was a former “Teacher of the Year”, received a BS in Psychology, and earned a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. Her current goal is to make people feel something after reading her books.

Becky has been married to Todd,”the nicest man on the planet”, since 1988. She has 2 grown engineers (sons) and often feels like “Penny” from The Big Bang tv show during family discussions.



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“We rise by lifting others.”
― Robert Ingersoll

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I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.-E.B.White

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Becky likes to dabble in art as a way to express, decompress, and have fun!

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Becky Walker

Aspiring author, former elementary teacher, champion for children, activist for good, and lover of sunsets and children laughing.

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