A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
– Lao Tzu


by Becky Walker 150 words The flower garden looked charming in Spring, but looks can be deceiving. “Get off my trellis, you annoying weed!” Ruby Rose shouted at the Lantanas.  “You’re jealous the butterflies like us best,” snapped Lenny Lantana. Each flower mingled only with its own kind. “Quit blocking my sun,” griped Petunia atContinue reading “CHAOS IN THE FLOWER GARDEN”


By: Becky Walker Genre: PB 200 words Kailei Pew’s Kids’ Choice KidLit Writing Contest Entry Brad and Jill had no idea their new house had secrets. “What’s that?” asked Jill.  “Looks like a treasure map,” said Brad. The map read:  Like adventure?  Head to the library.  Find a book with an X on the spine. Continue reading “THE SECRET ROOM”

The Wisecracker Family

by Becky Walker 149 words “Tomorrow is the first day of spring, little ones,” said Mama Bird. “And you know what that means…” “No clue. I’m a spring chicken. You have to cut me a little slack, chickadee!”chirped Zazu. “I’ll wing it…bet it has something to do with cleaning,” squawked Tweety. “You quack me up…IContinue reading “The Wisecracker Family”

Pudding and Pumpkin

It’s an excellent day for an adventure at the beach! Pudding and Pumpkin, two guinea pig friends, do everything together, but Pudding refuses to go because he has difficulty walking in the sand. Pumpkin can’t stand the thought of going without his best friend, so he comes up with a brilliant plan for Pudding toContinue reading “Pudding and Pumpkin”


Do you ever get where you can’t focus on writing? Well, I’m right there with ya today. I had every intention to query a few more agents today, but then I noticed the laundry, not the laundry in the hamper but the laundry that I’ve washed and haven’t folded. I do that. Guilty. I dumpedContinue reading “FOCUS!”

Query Process

Believe it or not, six months ago, I had never even heard the word QUERY as it pertained to writers. Now, I’m in the middle of querying two books I wrote, Chaos in the Flower Garden and A Final Goodbye. Chaos is a story about how the different kinds of flowers can’t get along becauseContinue reading “Query Process”


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