TAKE 5 with Anna Lazowski

Dark Cloud is a lyrical story about a young girl who visualizes a dark cloud representing her depression as a way of coping with her feelings. The imagery in the words and in the illustrations capture the reality of depression perfectly. Author’s name: Anna Lazowski Illustrator’s name: Penny Neville-Lee Other book titles: T. Rexes Can’tContinue reading “TAKE 5 with Anna Lazowski”

Introducing My New Feature: Take 5

I am excited to introduce my new blog feature, TAKE 5, where picture book authors answer five questions about their books/lives and advise on all sorts of matters, from publishing to what places everyone should visit. You might be surprised by some of your author friends’ answers! As a bonus, I will offer an activityContinue reading “Introducing My New Feature: Take 5”

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